Events in the Defence+ event log while Defence+ is disabled [Resolved]


I using the latest version of Comodo (5.0.163652.1142) with my 2 pc’s using Windows 7 64bit and with Windows XP SP3. Both pc’s have disabled Defence+ permanent but both pc’s having events in the defence+ event log so it seems that defence+ isn’t completely deactivated.

So I think it has to be a bug in the Comodo firewall.


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Welcome MRFRoST. It is my belief that Image Execution in Defense + would still be active even with Defense + disabled which could cause the log, unless you tick Deactivate Defense + Permanently (requires system restart) in Defense + General settings, or disable Image Execution in Defense + Execution Control Settings. Hope this is some help. Kind regards.

Image Execution is enabled (though D+ is disabled) therefore cloud scan works & there are logs in D+ events.

If cloud scan works with D+ disabled but Image Execution enabled then why Buffer Overflow doesn’t works??? It is also under the tab Image Execution & enabled i.e checked.


I will try to disable Image Execution.

Thank you for the replies.

i have the same problem and Image Execution is disabled too !
defense+ still contact cloud and log and put files in the trusted list

i think the solution to this problem is to block comodo agent from the firewall.
comodo agent looks suspicious for me. i want comodo experts to tell me if this guy spy on me ? it keeps uploading information to comodo servers as i surf the internet.

To bollity. Just disable cloud lookup if it worries you. I’m not an expert but I can tell you cloud lookup is a long way from spying. Spying is normally Malicious in some way, Cloud lookup is exactly opposite to that.

what i’m asking here why the cloud still active even if i disabled defense+ and disabled image execution control.this is what the thread asking about.

do this

To disable D+ completely you need to tick ‘disable permanently’ tick box and reboot.

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PM sent

After I disabled “Image Execution Control” and after I unticked “Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files” and “Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud” the Defence+ event log is empty, so all works fine now.

thank you all

OK moving to resolved

Many thanks for the update