Event-warnings after installing beta[Resolved]

UPHClean cannot be the problem since it only works while closing a user account (logging off).

I usually install UPHClean in just about every NT based PC I can get my hands on, and it’s never given me a problem with anything. BTW that’s quite a number of PCs I’ve installed it on, both the ones that come in for maintenance and the ones sold.


Hi Edward

I’m not sure why you would beleive this would exclude it… after all, the problem is, I believe, on shut-down. Or I am wrong?

I usually install UPHClean in just about every NT based PC I can get my hands on, and it's never given me a problem with anything. BTW that's quite a number of PCs I've installed it on, both the ones that come in for maintenance and the ones sold.

This, however, does probably exclude it or, at least, make it fairly unlikely. Thanks for your input.


The log I’ve put here is connected to the event-warnings. The time-stamps in the log are the same as on the event-warnings.
Before and after this piece of log there’s about five seconds nothing logged, I guess something is waiting or retrying or whatever. But that makes it pretty simple to see what peace of the log is relevant for the warnings.

The problem is on shutting down. When I only log off and log on again nothing happens, I really have to reboot.

I couldn’t find anything in the log to clarify the issue, the information is much too global for me.


Hi Peter,

When you uninstall CPF, do you still see these warnings? CPF 2.3 BETA protects its own registry keys. It may be related to this.

I don’t think I have to uninstall CPF. If I just exit the Firewall in Launch Pad, and after that shut down, the warnings disappear.
So even only exiting the firewall and Launch Pad still running solves the problem.

Can it be CPF is protecting it’s registry keys a bit too long, like over-concerned do with their kids?

(If there’s a good reason to uninstall CPF and test something I’ll do it of course.)


No. That protection lasts as long as drivers are loaded. Namely, closing CPF has no effect on that mechanism. So I guess it may be related to internet explorer activeX control. Because some of our users also reported some locks on temporary internet files. And this was due to ie activex.

we have removed ie dependency in the next version. Perhabs you can try that version to see if it persists.


Yes, I’ll test it when I see it announced on the forum
I hardly use Internet Explorer, but I guess IE (and ActiveX) are everything in the system, so that probably doesn’t matter.


As far as I know, UPHClean initiates a forced flush to disk of the registry entries that are in RAM. This is so that if a program doesn’t clean up after itself the system will. UPHClean verifies if there are any driver dependencies for each single process that is using the registry BEFORE initiating a flush for the app in question. If I remember correctly, it starts a separate thread for every open registry access and it does not flush the registry entry if a process is still running. What it does close are ghost registry handles for applications that have already been terminated/closed.


Just installed beta and it’s still the same.
I installed it once with protecting it’s own registry-keys (don’t remember the exact text), and once without. No difference, I still get the warnings.

Little bit off topic: I think the uninstaller should give a clear warning you can’t import the old registry keys when you choose for protecting registry-keys.


Any ideas???

As I said, you dont get these when you close CPF GUI. It should somehow be because of internet explorer activeX. Next week, hopefully, we are going to release a BETA with memory usage decreased and without this activeX component. You can see if it solves the problem.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, you said something like this, but you referred to the next version, and I’ve installed that.
So I’ll wait for this next next version :slight_smile:


hi there to all…
i know that this discussion is a bit old but i wanted to say that i have his same problem after installing comodo firewall beta. event 1517 and 1524 in the registry

Hi Mark,
That’s good to know, because that makes it less likely it has something to do with my computer.
But to be sure, do you maybe have installed one of the following security-programs?
All-Seeing Eye
System Safety Monitor
Just to be sure it has nothing to do with one of this programs conflicting with Comodo Personal Firewall.
I hope it’s fixed in the next release, or at least it will be clear what’s the cause of this warnings.


i have noone of those programs installed,and i noticed that if i exit firewall and turn off pc i don’t get any message in the registry.so i think it depends on comodo firewall… i installed also uphclean but it didn’t stops those message
i hope it will be fixed too :slight_smile:

I’m not surprised. You did the same tests as I did. Just wanted to be absolutely sure, and since those four programs work on a very basic level, just like Comodo…
Well, this happens now for a long time, but it doesn’t seem to cause terrible things, so I’ll just wait.
And of course it’s beta, so…

Just installed the latest beta, and it looks like the problem is gone (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)
Restarted a few times, no warnings!
And I see a whole lot of other improvements too! You really listen to your users.


We do mean it when we say, its your firewall! Cos it is! And we will listen to our users all the way!


You read a lot too. Have seen you on a lot of forums, newsgroups, etc. :slight_smile:


I have to make sure that we have setup a good infrastructure that connects with its users! And I know no other way but to lead by example! I will keep this going as long as I can!