event viewer warning

Love the firewall & all seems to be working OK… but since installing I get a warning in windows event veiwer that occurs upon shutdown of computer…“windows cannot unload your classes registry file- it is still in use by other application or services. the file will be unloaded when it is no longer in use”. I have determined that this event warning does not occur if I disable comodo before shutting down computer. Is this event warning something I need to be concerned about. Thank you in advance for all that you do.

I just had that event warning today, although someone else was using my PC. It basically means there were some programs or drivers that weren’t completely unloaded before Windows logged off or shutdown. Not concerning, but it’s best that it’s not there as it could mean your shutdown might be slower. This message is rare nowadays for me, so I cannot attribute this to CFP’s fault. It can also be due to a combination of other things.

seadog, how often do you see this error log?

The error occurs every time I shut down the computer unless I disable comodo first. It started showing this event warning about the time I installed comodo. I unistalled comodo & used MS firewall to check & did not get the warning during 5 reboot & shutdown operations which would tend to indicate it is comodo related. I have since reinstalled comodo & warning is back. Any thoughts?

Could be a small conflict with other software that was running? See if User Profile Hive Cleanup Service helps. There were others who have reported similar cases, but more specifically CFP was slowing their shutdowns. If I remember correctly, the topic was inconclusive. Hopefully someone else has better ideas.

Edit: I’m guessing the other person who was using my PC had Yahoo Messenger running while shutting down. Whenever I use the PC, I hardly ever use that. See if manually exiting other programs with CFP on before shutting down still generates that log. You might find the source of conflict.

Checked spysweeper & nod 32 …with no effect. Downloaded hive cleaner per your suggestion & no more event warnings after 6 reboots. It seems you have found the solution…As we say in the Islands mahalo for your help & aloha.

It’d be even better if someone knew of another solution without relying on UPHClean, but I’m glad it worked for you (:WAV)

Thought the problem was solved but seems to have created a new issue. No longer get event viewer warning but now my pc fails to shutdown about every other time. I have to do hard shutdown. Have removed comodo for now & problem stopped. Need some new ideas…thanks in advance

What about the new 2.4.17 update today?

soyabeaner…thanks for the info. I uninstalled last night & didn’t know about the update. Don’t know that it will address the issue but will try again in a few days. Right now I am burned out & need to reboot my brain.

Tried a clean reinstall yesterday & had the same problems plus a few new ones. Tried to uninstall and had a lot of trouble getting it to let go but finally suceeded. I don’t know what else to try so I guess I’ll just use the windows default firewall… PC seems happier. Thanks for the suggestions.