Event Unblock?

[s]I accidently blocked the “plugin_container.exe” and the “crashreporter.exe” files for firefox…

it only appears as “Denied” under “Alerts Displayed”…when i click “related” it takes me to D+ Events…but I cant find how to unblock these 2 things anywhere…

I tride to remove firefox from comodo, but it didnt work…[/s]


  1. Go to D+ Tab
  2. Computer Security Policy
  3. Find the link “Customize” on the bottom right cornor, across from “Use a custom policy”
  4. “Run an Executable” should be the top option, across from thay it says “Modify (2/2)” (for me), click that.
  5. Click the “Blocked Applications” tab
  6. REMOVE both the crashreporter and the flashinstaller, and be sure you click “OK” and “SAVE” on all the tabs on the way back out.[/b]