Event logging issue :)

Hello all,

I’ve got a question…
When I installed V3 no event was ever logged.
I had to manually tick in order to start logging.
I thought that was a bit strange cause in V2 logging was automatic.
What did I do wrong?
Normally I want to log almost everything in the beginning just to see what happens.

Oh…another question: :slight_smile:
In V2 there were always a couple of rules in the “network monitor” part.
Are they still there and if so …where…I found them pretty easy to use.

Thanks for the help…

Greetz :slight_smile: (M)

Not quite sure what rules you refer to, but in v3 there are Predefined Policies - some ready-made and you can add your own if you like. They can be applied to applications in the Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy page. Usually, there will be an entry for your commonly used applications, and you can just select the entry and click Edit and then click “Use a Predefined Policy”, select the policy you want and click Apply a few times. If you want to apply the policy, but add something, you will have to use “Use a Custom Policy” and click “Copy from” and choose “Predefined Policy” and select the policy that you want to use as a starting point. Then you can click “Add” to add another rule or “Edit” to change an existing rule.
If there is no entry for the program you want to apply a policy to, you will have to click “Add” instead of “Edit” on the Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy page. Select Browse Files and locate the exe you want to make rules for and proceed as above.