event log dissappear

if i put defence+ in training mode most of the time the event log for the firewall and defence+ will dissapear.
i have 2 pc that have comodo and both do that .
is there a way to avoid it and is it a know problem?

and when i put defence+ in training mode i see in task manager that cfp.exe use up to 29% of cpu is it normal?

thanks in advance!


Can you verify the log setting and see if it ‘deletes’ it after growing to 20MB?
You can find it on More → Preferences → Logging.

Also if CIS deletes the file it records this in the event log, you can access that my going to Antivirus → View Antivirus Items → More.
Under 'Tasks launched it should have a record of ‘Type’ ‘Log clearing’.

Is the CPU usage constant even if you have no other applications running?

its set to delete after 20mb

i only have defence+ and firewall ,i dont have the antivirus

the cpu spike is only when its in training mode i only put it in trainig mode to install games and even if im not installing, i can see spike on the cpu its not constant .

You can also access the logs via Firewall → View Firewall events or Defense+ View Defense+ events and next click ‘More’ button.

How does it disappear? All records? Or not all? Because I also have an issue - some events happen but aren’t fixed in Firewall Log. I am going to start a topic about this.

This maybe a reason. Set an option “Move it to file” and then check it again.

i set defence+ to trainig mode then install my game then i set it back to normal and when i go look at the log their is nothing and and my log file are not 20mb if i put it in training mode again a few hours later its the same

I can’t reproduce this on Win7, x32.
Can you please file a bug-report?

Same problem here I think on Win7 64-bit, doesnt seem to want to put anythin in the logs. Or else it deletes them straight away. I’ll try the “to a file” suggestion and see if it sheds any light.

good to see im not the only one
i also have win7 64 and use comodo firewall and defence+ and my AntiVirus is avast

I think in my case this has been narrowed down to conflict with my av, AVG. Possibly the same for you.
Hopefully the developers will fix this problem sooner rather than later.

Do you have any more information on a workaround, disable/change something somewhere in AVG?

i was thinking the same thing, but im using avast 6.
with comodo 5.5.195786.1383 i know that its not the latest version but from what i found alot of people had problem with the latest version of comodo and avast i dont know if its been fix .

Only solution I know of are ‘workaround’