Even with correct rules nat it's not open







Hi feddyback

If you really want someone to help you, then you’re going to have to be a lot nicer and clearer.

Alternatively you could install GeekBuddy and pay for your support. Most of the help on these forums is provided free by users on a voluntary basis.

PS …


Cloud scanning can be disabled simply and completely.
I am asking you to settle down and abide by Forum rules.
Further posts similar to what you put in this thread alone will result in a post ban.

OK, then… well that clears things up. You merely seem to be intent on ranting and insulting just about anybody… and everybody you can think of. However, I don’t work for Comodo… I’m just a user like yourself and, as such, I don’t have to listen to you at all. :slight_smile:

Enjoy you stay here… however short lived it may be (see John’s warning).