Even log warning after upgrading to CIS6


I upgraded from CIS 5. (the latest) to CIS 6.3.302033.2976 yesterday. Ever since the EventLog is filled with warnings: Event ID 4,
“File System Filter ‘CFRMD’ (Version 6.1, ‎2012‎-‎07‎-‎17T07:05:37.000000000Z) failed to attach to volume ‘\Device\Harddisk0\DR0’. The filter returned a non-standard final status of 0xc01c0016. This filter and/or its supporting applications should handle this condition. If this condition persists, contact the vendor.”

Windows 7 Sp1, x64

None of the tricks found in this forum or anywhere else did help. Yet, I am happy to report that CIS, Comodo Dragon, IE 11, and all the other applications run smoothly without any loss in performance or speed. I just would like to get rid of those warnings numbered in tens per hour.

Thank you in advance for any help or comment,


I have split your post and moved it to a section of the forum where your issue should get greater visibility.

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I just uninstalled GeekBuddy and the FilterManager warnings disappeared alltogether from Event Log.

This trick worked for both my desktop (HP Pavilion 6140) and laptop (Acer Aspire 5560G) - both Windows 7 sp1 x64.

Merry Christimas,

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