Even Ice Dragon v26.0.0.2 portable only runs for bare minutes before hanging

I’ve repeatedly tried the most recent three versions of Ice Dragon in portable mode under 32-bit XP Pro/SP3, but after installing just a few add-ons, the browser only works for 2-5 minutes before hanging completely (after which it must be aborted). I take care to have very few or no other applications running, and I have plenty of RAM available as well. I’ve disabled the extra security and I’m not using the Comodo DNS servers and the like, in hopes that this would make it run more reliably, but it hasn’t helped.

It lasts longer without any add-ons or plugins, but what’s the point of running a Firefox-based browser with no add-ons? It’s utterly pointless!

I use those and quite a few more add-ons and plugins with the latest versions of Firefox without hanging. My goal in trying to use Ice Dragon was to make it available in portable mode and to add fewer add-ons and the like in order to have a lighter and faster Firefox-ish browser that was compatible with just a handful of my favorite add-ons.

What can I do? :-\

Try disabling Use hardware acceleration when available found under browsing in the ‘General’ section of the ‘Advanced settings’.

Kind regards.