Even Further Tray Icon Bugginess! (Sheesh!)


Most recent CIS; Windows XP Home Edition, (yaddah, yaddah.)

1. Given that I’ve updated to the latest CIS, why is the tray icon still a tiny white shield with a flame to the left of it? How many times must I update before I get back the icon that I was getting, and still want?

2. Given that I’ve used the Misc/Settings to ask for the tray icon to be animated to represent incoming and outgoing traffic, why is it completely failing to do so?

3. Why are we no longer permitted to download just the Firewall? I don’t want Comodo AV and I don’t want a long download (unavoidably stuck with dialup!) I just want Comodo Firewall Pro and I’m perfectly capable of making my own choices about which AV I use.

Ian. :frowning:

Mhh, i always had that white shield with a little green V-mark in it.

The flame on the left are in fact little red arrows (pointing downwards) to indicate incomming traffic. Green arrows (upwards) on the right of the shield are for outgoing traffic. But most of the time there are more red then green arrows because there is ore going in then out while normal browsing. Try uploading with an ftp program and you will see more green arrows :slight_smile:

Well, i don’t mint the bigger download and the choise to install just the firewall. But that’s just my opinion. Yours is diferent :wink:


Thanks for that.

But, I think the yellow/orange/red thing on the shield’s left is intended to symbolise fire, by being flames and that the white shield is supposed to symbolise the protective conceptual element of the “wall” part of the general “Firewall” application.

The double-bug I’m posting about, therefore, concerns the tray icon DURING use.

The tray icon is definitely the smaller one, even though I’ve installed the most recent CIS, minus the AV. The only thing I can think of is that the smaller icon (used, I’m told, mostly to alert the user that an update is available) is working on a regularly timed appearance, rather than on a check-online controlled basis and is entirely to do with the AV part of the CIS package.

But, if I’ve not installed the AV, the update visual of the tray icon should not be alerting me to anything.

Either a part of the CIS package is sneaking up onto the Net to discover, then alert me to, an AV update, or the tray icon’s behaviour where no CAV is installed is buggy.

I waited a couple of years to see the tray icon fixed. Then, after a few weeks of it being fixed, it’s the wrong icon, now, and the traffic animation doesn’t even work any more.