Even Comodo can't protect from UK ISP's.

Hi all,

Bt, Talk Talk and Virginmedia have announced plans to sell off customer browsing data to Phorm, an adversing company, who’s CEO has a murky past in windows based spyware and rootkits. The customer will receive targeted adverts from participating websites based on browsing history fed directly from their ISP to phorm servers. Customers are being sold this idea as a free anti-phising solution that will help block irrelevent adverts. These big 3 account for around 10million UK internet users.

I’m a VM customer and at present VM are being very evasive about the whole Phorm issue.
But what i can gather is;

The scheme will be opt-in …with an opt-out option via cookie from Webwise website. Opt-out will be from receiving adverts not from your browseing habbits being scanned and collected by Phorm.

Users will be given a unique ‘tracking ID’ and data collected anonymously. I’m no expert but as phorm scan all pages i view (they see what i see) and not just Url’s, it wouldn’t be long before anonimity was compromised.

A quick visit to my webmail …email address captured …i have a birthday msg from friend…oops there goes DoB.
I buy goods on-line, comfirmation email captured with Home address etc .

A vist to a forum …add my Ip addy to that anonymous ID.

Https will not be collected…but i guess will have to be scanned to be excluded.
Lucky i can trust Phorm not to collect that data.

Passwords with more than 3 consective numbers will not to avoid gathering credit cards…but isn’t that only 1 digit short of my PIN number.
Lucky i can trust Phorm with that data too.

How secure and where will this data be stored …Phorm/121media reportedly have links /servers in russia and china. Lucky those 2 countries can be trusted to respect UK and EU pricacy laws.

As this advertising cash cow is reported to be worth about £85m to BT by 2010 i guess all the other lSP’s will find this new source of revenue to hard to pass up.

Maybe i’m being a little paranoid and there is nothing to worry about. After all i’m getting a new anti-phising tool that is almost as good as the built-in ad blocker in firefox, thats gotta help.


edit ~~ i just found this website from another concerned VM customer