(Evaluation) CIS 6 VS 5 :( :)

Install Comodo IS 6 Win7 VM X86

Allowed Autoupdate and scan, clean system :slight_smile:

Liked restart options for delay etc.

Dont like how many icons appeared on my desktop :frowning: :slight_smile: Try keep simple like me :slight_smile:

??? Feels โ€˜heavyโ€™ on first shutdown/reboot (system restore disabled) - I need to actually multiple benchmark this

??? Feels โ€˜heavyโ€™ on first start - I need to actually multiple benchmark this

VMware tools beat CIS on first startup

The Desktop Gadget appeared after about a minute then the thank you for installing screen

At this point i now have hidden in the systray organiser CIS icon for main interface

Switched Sandbox to disabled, told it permanently, turned it on then tried turning it off again and it asked again.

Took me a while to find the Medium Advanced Button then took me just as long to find the Advanced Advanced Button(Tasks)

Took me a while to find Open Advanced settings then cruize thru firewall options, at this point its more moves than the last program to do the same thing. Sorry :frowning: :slight_smile:

Hi MathewCarven,
The extra icons on the desktop can be deleted easily if they are not desired.

I have not noticed any start-up/shutdown issues or heaviness myself.
It has great optimization features which has improved real time and on demand scans by a substantial amount.

The Widget and welcome screen are easily disabled.
Customize User Interface

Advanced functions and commonly used features can be added to the task-bar within the GUI, decreasing the number of clicks required.
Adding tasks to the Task Bar

IMHO it leaves V5 dead at the bottom of the ocean.

Just my thoughts, kind regards. :slight_smile: