evaluating zone alarm vs comodo firewall


I’ve been running Zone Alarm firewall for years - really with hardly any problems - but want to check out Comodo because I’ve heard it is more robust.

There is a feature on Zone Alarm which shows my settings for each program that I’ve blocked or allowed but I can’t find a similar list on Comodo. Does this exist?

I’ve done a search of the forum and found a similar question but the answer referred to comodo’s white list which is not the same thing.


ps I’ve attached a screen shot of what the zone alarm list looks like

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whoops - I think I found it under Network Security Policy — not as easy to read as Zone Alarms but it should do what I want

It should do a lot more actually. ;D
You should totally check www.matousec.com/projects/proactive-security-challenge/results.php

Yes. Thank you for the link! This is precisely the type of info that I have seen that has prompted me to try Comodo. Of course, I haven’t had problems with Zone Alarm. What is important to me is the level of control as to what programs are allowed to contact the net – not simply for paranoia but for diagnostic purposes. I’m still exploring and reading about the details.

LoL, when i see that list, i really think the opposite :smiley:

I dont like such color dot lists, and for details you have to click each little thing. You dont have an overview. I got annoyed of that kind once… fast