EV certificates and cnames

I am bit turned around. If we have a EV or a EV Multi-Domain Cert can we have a host with a name like www.example1.com that is a cname to www.example2.com?

This post seems to indicate that we should be able to:

This post seems to indicate that we cannot because of limitations from CABForum.
https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t92352.0.html They are ruling out a few technical implementation. But I am not sure they are saying there is no way to get an EV to validate over a dns cname forward.

Also there is some indication that Server Name Indication extension could help here.

Is this something comodo has considered?

Finally you go to a site like https://www.purehome.com and you will see there the images are served from cloudfront. https://d3go4o252cku01.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/Homepage/hpblock2.jpg
The browser bar remains green bar. How is content from cloudfront validated as from purehome.com? Is there something special about the Cloudfront Certificate that enables this?

Thanks a ton for any help on this.

You could but the client (browser) MUST display a FQDN (website name) that’s on the certificate so it doesn’t make sense to go this route.

No, because it will not help and that’s a technology on the server/client(browser) side, not on the certificate side.

Cloudfront doesn’t validate PureHome.com. Its probably using Cloudfront as its Content Delivery Network and that is permissible. An HTTPS site isn’t required to only have data from itself, it can provide data from any resource that has a valid and trusted certificate.