European Security Software

Any thoughts about security suites from Europe like AVG , Eset , BitDefender or Avira?
If somebody knows something interesting or maybe have tested for a while , please share. ;D

As far as I know , Russia is located in the European continent , < unless I’m missing something :smiley:

But here is a quick tip from experience with anything in life , don’t look at where the products come from , try to look at their quality and nothing else , if that term was met, then you can look at the other terms…

That being said, I don’t use, for example, rising security software just because it’s Chinese, I don’t use it because I believe it’s not good enough.

cheers, knk2006

Thank You kindly for reply , but why You have written about Russia? I did not ask about Kaspersky.
And , yes part of Russia lies in Europe , and the largest part in Asia , but is this lesson of geography?
And I am from Europe , so what? You completely don’t get my question. I just want to know what forum members think about AVG , Eset , Avira and Bitdefender. Only about this 4 security suites.
And I don’t dislike something because of origin. I only ask of somebody’s experience. That is all.
Greetings. :-[

I find all the AVs mentioned of good quality.
But what’s most intersting is the number of security software companies (I can think as well of Kaspersky, Avast, Emsisoft) that are located in Northern/Eastern Europe.
Is this the heritage of Soviet Union/West cyber rivalry?

@SG65 : Hmm , partly You are right. AVG is from Czech Republic , Eset is from Slovakia , BitDefender is from Romania but for example Avira is from Germany. Do You think this rivalry is something like Cyber Cold War?

And Emsisoft is from Austria.
Yes, I think that thousands of software engineers found themselves without a job after the fall of the Wall. And that’s why so much malware comes from the East (and so much goodware).
As well, the main manufacturers of viruses are the USA, UK and Israel. And that is also a matter of cyber war

Of course we have to consider the new kids on the block: China and Brazil.

Avira and GData are from Germany.

Bullguard is from Denmark.

F-Secure from Finland

Same Geographic area; another three names. Interesting.

Avg,Avast = Czech Republic
Eset, Netgate = Slovakia
BitDefender = Romania
Comodo, Sophos = UK
Pctools = Ireland (HQ)
Arcabit = Poland
Panda = Spain
Avira, Gdata = Germany
Ikarus, Emsisoft = Austria
VBA = Belarus
Lavasoft = Sweden
Virusbuster = Hungary
F-secure = Finland
Norman = Norway
Frisk = Iceland
Zillya = Ukraine
Kaspersky, DrWeb, Agnitum = Russia (Europe or Asia ?)

This is getting little !ot! here.
Except SG65 nobody answer on my question. I wanted to know did anybody tested ( on his own computer ) some other security suites and if somebody does , please , share Your opinion. No need to more geographic excursions , now we all know everything about security softwares origin. :wink:

AVG 2011 for me is the worst among the four. Slow pc, poor detection rate, slow internet. Nothing about it pleased me save the GUI (no offense to Grisoft and AVG fans; this is based on my experience).

Eset would be my first and foremost choice because it is light on MY pc. It does what I want it to do without overcomplicating stuff. Has a built-in system inspector and a rescue disk maker.

BitDefender, well, it’s heavy so I haven’t tried testing it against malware. It does great however with its QuickScan (extension for chrome) so I suppose it’s fine.

Avira has the best detection rate among the four (or so they say) but the most false positives as well (detected almost all of my games as malware. Kinda strange; maybe because they were packed?). It would not update in my pc (I’m located in the Philippines). Start-up is significantly slower, but system is still usable (unlike when I used Bitdefender). It’ll be my second choice.

And this is an answer which I was expecting for. Very well done , curious informations.
Thank You. :-TU

No problem. Anyway, with regard to AV’s, I base my decisions on three criteria:

  1. Usability – How easy to manipulate the av and the amount of resources used
  2. Reliability – Protection and intelligence
  3. Availability – Support, license (free or commercial)

So you can assume that this was my basis for the four.
ESET being the better choice for my money
Avira’s free and reliable, but update and support aren’t really its strengths
BitDefender fares well on reliability and the price (it’s available here @ half-price for students)
AVG failed on all three accounts for me