Europe to get Windows 7 sans browser

About time to :slight_smile:

yes about time but a good amount of people that dont know anything other then IE will be like, what the heck is this??

Too bad for them…:wink: It will help them to make the following important realisation:
The Internet is not Internet Explorer; is the same as the idea that the World is not identical to a Volkswagen Golf… >:-D

A small step for a man but a big step for mankind… 88) ;D >:-D

If God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings… there is some logic to that… The Lord provided us with a marvelous set of brains and I can only hope the rest of the world will use that brain to make that small step for a man but a big step for mankind…88) ;D >:-D

Now if they just remove additionally 95% of all functions and features, I’ll be the first customer to buy Windows 7. 88)


“functions and features” have to be in quotes :slight_smile:
… probably 96% … or more ?

What about DRM? Is it a “function” or a “feature”?


That’s stupid. I’m not a fan of IE, but at least I had something to download my Firefox with. I don’t care for IE, so I don’t use it, but it does not disturb me being in the system. It would be much better if MS gave the opportunity to unistall it without any damage to the rest of the system.

You can uninstall it afaik.

start → control panel → add/remove programs → add/remove windows components



This story gets better and better. MS have said the won’t ship 7 to the retail channel with a browser :slight_smile: The retail channel accounts for less the 5% of sales :slight_smile:

OEM’s will be able to select which browser(s) they pre-install with their new systems :slight_smile:

Think about it laterally for a second. This decision accounts for the bulk of MS sales of new PC’s and also retail channel sales (yes more than the US). There is no way they can not ship windows without a browser, moreover it has broader a consequence, Think windows catalogue and requirements…

I heard on the BBC that part of the EU goverment says this will give the user LESS choise and should be cancled!

Here is a loophole in what EU wants MS to do, they want MS not to add IE to windows 7. But the next broswer by MS wont have the name Internet Explorer It will be named Gazele so it will come in windows’s after W7!

“…the real pain is reserved for people who are buying Windows 7 as an upgrade. Previously you’ve been able to upgrade in place, meaning that all your Vista applications (including the browser) and data would be carried over to the new operating system. Microsoft says this won’t now be possible. “The E [European] version will require a clean install…”

“And what about people who buy Windows 7 off the shelf? A spokesperson for Microsoft Europe said the company will provide a free IE8 CD-ROM with every retail copy of Windows 7. So the company’s still effectively bundling IE8…”

I have to agree with this rant.
It’s not about the browser.
I think we should focus on lessened up Windows ‘features’ rather than struggling out with someone else feeling inferior; because they failed to do the marketing for their product.

Firefox do their marketing, and they reach their own goal… why can’t others?

Behind Microsoft’s IE-free, Windows-for-Europe ploy

I8 different versions of Windows 7 to ship… This is nuts

That is not the matter of supplying their components, but how Explorer; IE; Media Player; etc. were (are) deeply integrated into the system, which is absolutely unnecessary.

If those are not integrated – fine - let MS supply those and let users make a choice in the first place whether install the most insecure browser ever or the most pathetic WMP still full of bugs instead of releasing special “N” editions of OS and so on

I never used IE and I’m keeping WMP just in order to help some people to show/fight the bugs (if possible), explaining what and why it cannot play this & that or streaming incorrectly until they convinced and move to decent player(s).

So, basically if not integrated I don’t see anything wrong if those “tools” are silently sitting on installation media and waiting for being used by those who wants them to be installed/uninstalled.


Try it and use your system without any troubles! It’s integrated with the system and if you remove it you will be likely to have all sorts of problems.
Still I think it is a silly idea of the EU trying to control everything it can >:(

It’s only fair and I’m happy that they do it. This is a pretty unfair competition !
And I have kicked out IE from my computer already a long time ;), I’m not having any side-effects at the moment


How will CIS update now? :o

Personally i think this whole debacle is wrong from IE,WMP etc,etc being integrated to deeply to now not shiping with IE.
IMO browsers, players and the like should be totally seperated applications which people can choose to have, change or remove.

Allthough the MEP`s have to line there grubby pockets somehow (sorry politics) ;D


Try it and use your system without any troubles! It's integrated with the system and if you remove it you will be likely to have all sorts of problems. Still I think it is a silly idea of the EU trying to control everything it can Angry

I’ve removed everything I don’t use from Win 7. that includes:

All Media Player/Centre components
Tablet PC stuff
Gadget Platform

Everything works as it should.

They should make a ‘Minimalistic’ version of Windows 7 which runs Super Fast. Most of the ‘Services’ Disabled apart from the essentials, and include a PDF Manual showing which things to Enable if certain things don’t work.

Like a vLite version which has been thoroughly Tested.

Until then, I’m sticking with my Windows XP! ;D :-TU

Win 7 brings something new to the world called trigger services. They only get run when needed. So they don’t run in the background all the time.

I can only wish for the same, but I’m afraid the trend this far has been the opposite. :frowning: They add more and more. I can’t tell though whether it’s become easier or harder to manually remove stuff (e.g. XP vs Vista - which one is easier to slim down? XP I guess?). (!ot!)