Euro 2012

Anybody here is watching Euro 2012? What’s Your opinion, which are Your favorite teams? Who will be in the final and who will win European Championship? So far the biggest loser are Dutch players.

In my opinion Spain and Germany are the chances of championship, and I think that Spain will win
Spain does play very nice. 8)

The Netherlands, or no wait 88)

Spain vs Germany in the finals would be nice :slight_smile:

England :-TU
Wayne Rooney is back, watch us reach semi’s at least :wink:

Haven’t seen a single game as of yet. May be I will watch a quarter final or so with friends as means of male bonding…

The team of my country, the Netherlands, has not made it to the next round. From what I heard it was not a real team but a disjointed set of overpaid prima donna’s… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :-X

So far the biggest loser is Russia LOL! Lost to Greece! Crazy! Every expert said Russia by far the most strong team in Euro 2012… Joke LOL! Feel sorry for the Dutch… Germans will win… Don’t like that at all…

El Salvador will win the Euro2012, of course.
Watch out for the world cup too!

:smiley: (chuckle)

Go Portugal ;D

Final: Germany vs Spain

Vamos España!