EULA.txt failure

Hi, I tried to install this one: Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year

Im running on a XP 32-bit with SP3. And when the download was finished, it extracted the files, then I agreed with the eula, chose the directory. And when I clicked “next” to begin the installtion it canceled right after giving me the error message “Couldn’t extract EULA.text”. I’ll send a printscreen is you don’t understand.

What can be the problem?

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Attaching The Screenshot Would Be A Much Better Idea

there we go :slight_smile:

Delete The Contents Of The Windows TEMP Folder. %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp Is The Location Of The TEMP Folder In XP

I will try that. But shouldn’t i be doing a backup or something or is it just to delete EVERYTHING? don’t really know what the temp files do…

Temp is short for temporary. It is a folder where programs and installers temporarily put data. That data may be deleted after an installer is ready for example.

This folder may get very full over time so need to get cleaned anyway.

so it’s not something important in there?

Its Just A Temporary Dump Space. So Nothing Important

Okey. I will delete the content and see if it will fix the problem.

Best Of Luck :-TU

tried it. And it didn’t work :frowning: Still the same error message…