EU servers so slow, can i block them?

I just installed later version of CIS. I downloaded it from at full speed (1 MB/s), because at EU servers i have 5-10 KB/s (i connecting from EU).
After installation, AV started first update. After 2,5h super speed 0-5 KB/s, i cancel updating and download definition base from america servers at 1 MB/s and manually change it in system.

Question: Is any way to block in CIS european servers?

Hello g233

I know there is a way to change servers for TrustConnect; but Currently I’m un-sure if there is a way to change the AV DB Servers;

I’ll PM an Active Administrator / Developer and See if they can comment on this topic;

It may be a while.

(Just to confirm; should be in CIS > More > Pref > Update(Far Tab on the right Correct?))


Thank you for fast response.
This setting is OK, but i think this is only for program update, not for viruses database.

It’s also for AV database updates.

I’m sorry but currently there isn’t anyway unless you set up a script to download from the Database Page on As far as i know of

Hope this helps


Is this problem still occurring or was it just a temporary hiccup?

Now i not seeing updates because they are incremental, but just tested download:

Server eu1.*

and downloads.*

Are you changing the download servers under Preferences? That is not recommended because you will be influencing load balancing.

The default address is a load balancing server. It will dynamically assign server capacity from US and EU servers to user requests.

No, update server in CIS is default.
Above images are downloads from comodo web site.

How are you making the downloads you show the pictures of? Are you using a download manager?

I don’t think you can exclude a server, but you can force updates to a specific server by adding prefix to download link.
Try to add under update options.
Just be aware that you might have problems if / when the specific server is not working / updated, as well as messing with the load balance. If everyone chooses the same server it might not be that fast anymore.

Downloads are from comodo website, just changed location (upper right corner) from Europe to North America.
Pure Firefox was used, without managers or proxy.

Thanks for suggestion, I will try this.

I see what you mean now.

Where are you located? I am in the Netherlands.

I did as you suggested. I started the download of CIS various times and it downloaded from eu1 and eu5. where speeds varied but nothing slow like you reported.

May be it was a temporary glitch?

I will move this topic to Report Comodo Forum / Web Site Issues as this is a web site issue.

Yes, it isn’t recommended to use this method. The load balancer is there a reason. If users choose to bypass the load balancer, it may cause the developers to remove user selection of download servers.

Poland. I hope this is temporary.

How about that?

Is CIS connect to us3 and than to balancer if us3 overloaded or disabled?