Ethernet port? Firewire port?

I am in the market for a decent, affordable DV camcorder and they all seem to require firewire for transfers, (I havent yet thoroughly researched them).

I am unsure if my Dell PC I got new last year has a firewire port. I know it has several USB 2 ports, but of course, it doesnt list them in the spec sheet.

So Im looking up the firewire article on wikipedia IEEE 1394 - Wikipedia and it lists several different versions of firewire connectors. One of which is referred to as "the alternative ethernet style cable used by 1394c. This article says most Dell’s come with a firewire port.

I am looking on the back of my PC and next to some of the USB ports there is a port which is either an ethernet port, or a firewire port. The symbol is not the “radiation warning” looking symbol of firewire, so is this an ethernet port? I dont know much about the firewire variants, so Im not sure what this port is. Could this port support ethernet and firewire?

Any help is much appreciated.

Here’s a pic. of the ports. 3 is Firewire (IEEE1394); 4 is Ethernet; the others are USB.

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My Firewire port has a picture of what looks like a tower with an antenna dish on top of it and says S400 for the I-Link standard used for PCs.

It should have 1394 in a box above port can be either side of adaptor pic below.

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That looks as if it might fit into the socket in my pic!

The port in question looks like #4

It has a symbol, I’ll try to reproduce it here …

[] []

thats apx. what the symbol looks like.

That’s Ethernet.
Firewire, on my PC, has ‘1394’ by it - bit of a clue?
Anyway, the 2 pictures define the 3 types very clearly.

Thanks all for your help. Much appreciated.