Ethernet doesn't have valid IP address?

Since the last Comodo update, every time I boot, my internet is not connecting. I run trouble shooter and get “Ethernet doesn’t have valid IP address” A very hard to track down problem.

I turn CIS firewall off and rerun trouble shooter and internet connects. Then I can turn firewall back on.

Yes it’s an easy fix, but I spent hours trying many other things first. Now it’s just a PIA.

Any thing I can do to make this work properly again



Windows 10 Home all news=est updates installed.

Sorry it should read:

Ethernet doesn’t have valid IP configuration.

It sounds like your firewall is blocking the DHCP protocol from working. You need to unblock your local router, if you want to just allow DHCP then just allow TCP and UDP traffic to and from ports 67 and 68.

Hi ubutsa,

Well your message made me look at the firewall settings.

Seems like the network I was using was not being recognized by Comodo. So I just added it and made rule set the same as the other two networks Comodo did see. Rebooted and all is well in the world :slight_smile:

What I don’t understand is, I have been using that very same network zone since Windows 10 became available. Never changed a thing.

But the last Comodo update stopped recognizing it.