est ce incompatible???

Goodevening for all
just a question, is there a solution for the incompatibilitie with Kaspersky AV???
Cause of when i was trying to install Kaspersky AV 7.0.125 , it gives me a window and told me that the program Comodo firewall was incompatible with kaspersky and i have to remove it in order to continue installation…
So what is the soltuion to install kaspersky without neither uninstall comodo firewall nor take the care to have a big incompatibilitie problem issue
And sorry for my bad english, i m tunisian,…


I currently don’t know of a solution for this issue, or if there is one (could be wrong).

Maybe Comodo Firewall 3 will fix this issue?

Thanks for the Reply
But i m sure that this problème exist.Overwise i will be clear…I prefer Kaspersky as AV.I used it for a long 4years.Now I m forced to change into NOd32 AV because everytime i try to install any version of kaspersky , it told me that i have to remove COMODO because it is incompatible with kaspersky…
You said V3, ??I hope this version will be able to solve this incompatibilitie problem :THNK