especially melih

trustix firewall - melih, this name appears in comodo website too so i dont know trustix is your company or some way related to your company. the point is that i checked out trustix antivirus. its a fully released product. the user interface, features and all are same as comodo antivirus so why comodo still beta. i m a fan of comodo and using all comodo products and very much happy using ur innovative products. the fact is that people fear using beta products. so if cavs is fully released more and more people will use it.

p.s - comodo and trustix are one??

yes we own trustix
trustix AV used a 3rd party engine in the past. So we couldn’t give it for free cos there is a cost associated with each license. Thats why we developed our own version.

Very soon, you will see the new version hitting the streets…


How soon is “soon”? :THNK

I can’t wait to give my PCs the “Full Melih” (B)

can’t give you an exact date… lets get the v3 of the beta out… then very soon after that.
we are trying to get the v3 beta out in number of weeks


thanxx melih. waiting for the latest version of cavs. hope we get the final release soon too