ESM Q4 2013 release

Hi Folks,

This is it, the last one for 2013.

We released version 3.0.61203.19 a little while ago, get yours here

Headline changes for this release:-

  • Support for hierarchical grouping. You can now have Parent groups and Child groups with inheritance of policies from parent group to child group, the child group can have a clone of the parent group’s policy from which you can make small changes or the child group can have its own specific policy.
  • We have also added in the ability to disable that pesky desktop widget by policy (have a look under the CES settings tab in your policies)
  • CES version 6.4 now ships with ESM

There have been a few other minor changes which you will find in your ReleaseNotes.rtf file in your COMODO\Endpoint Security Manager folder.

Look forward to your comments and hope you enjoy the rest of 2013.

Happy Holidays guys & gals, see you in 2014.