ESET - YouTube :azn:

Wow. Will my GTX 460 be able to handle that? :slight_smile:

lol ;D

Creative video, but not very clear in what and how they protect you apart from the meantion of Cloud… 88)

good point but one of the only av companies on the planet who submits too all 5 major testing labs , and is all day long certified from each. The only antivirus product on earth that can say they have never missed an in the wild virus. ESET NOD32 is the most powerful antivirus engine period. that said i use Comodo IS because it’s stronger . . . default deny is the future of the internet. it has to be can you imagine updating a 900 MB virus database 20 years from now.


hmm…what are those malware doing in the spacecraft in the first place :wink: They should have been prevented!!!

Eset is based almost only on detection… HIPS is very poor and disabled by default.

Agreed, they’re new to the HIPS scene, only good on detection after it’s happened…

@Melih, create another video shown how it is really done, so we can all laugh :stuck_out_tongue: