ESET Smart Security

The developers over at ESET must be working overtime. They went from level to 2 and 6% to level 9 and 51% in a fairly short period of time. Climbing the list over at Matousec quicker than any other company. Still a poor rating at 51%, but they were in the red and close to the bottom with no rating not very long ago at all.

What can I say? Eset guys work on Christmas day LOL! The best AV by far not sure about the whole suite tho…

I think they want the top spot, but it’s a helluva spot to capture .

Indeed. I mean ESET already on top because of the AV. It can take on Bitdefender, Kaspersky easy. ESET by far the best AV on the security market today.

Another thing is the whole internet security package. Firewall is just about okay. HIPS are weak and still need a lot of work. The rest who cares?