ESET Notification


I received a notification today about a possible virus in my ESET directory.

It is Heur.suspicious@44314473

C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET_VC52_AUTOID.exe

I’ve been using ESET nod 32 for a while at work and never had a problem. Please let me know if this is a false positive.


I suspect false positive, please submit the file here Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis

I would upload it, but there is a permissions error.

http://C:\Users\ben biggs\Desktop\Eset.png

It’s in the program files folder for eset. But inside this folder there is this exe as well as the ESET Nod 32 Antivirus folder. I tried to compress it and got the same permissions error. I can change the owner settings for the antivirus folder but not for the exe.

What do you recommend?

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only upload this file ESET_VC52_AUTOID.exe not the other folder.

Did you read my post? I can’t.

try changing the permission of the file so you have access to it.

Hello benb2a ,

This is not a False Positive. We recommend you to remove the file using Comodo Internet Security .

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yeah your right, I forgot to do the usual google search:

Thank you,

I removed it from the system.