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ESET NOD32 Antivirus v3.0.669 have been released in English for licensed users, with support for other languages and trial editions to follow. This release contains the following change:

* Fixed problem with tasks scheduled to be performed after a successful update.

For more information, or to download a copy, please visit ESET’s web site at or contact your local distributor or reseller.

Installation over previous versions of ESET NOD32 Antivirus is fully supported, however, if you experienced issues with a previous version then you may wish to uninstall it before upgrading to this version.

If problems persist, try uninstalling the software once more and deleting the “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus” directory (or under Vista, “C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus”) prior to installing the current version of the software once more.

Maybe I will install it and use the license I won on their survey! :wink: (:KWL)

The one I am testing on one of my relative’s computer is giving me a hard time. It seems that no matter how many times I update it, it keeps not updating. It downloads the definitions, but when it comes to apply them, its a bloody endless loop.
So, I guess I’ll give NOD32 a try :wink:

Care to explain?


Eset made a survey until June 30. People just had to answer a few questions and then 1 year 50 licenses would be distributed by 50 people. I was one of the lucky ones. :slight_smile:

I didn’t participate with the intention of gaining a license. It was more like: Yeah right, a free license! Go joke someone else.

But, anyway, it seems I got one. :wink:

I have never had a problem updating NOD32. Even 2.7 updated fine. You need to be sure your user name and password is set correctly. Also set the update server to automatic.

No problems with NOD32. I don’t use it, actually.

I am having problems with another antivirus, that simply just seems not want to update. So, I mentioned that I just might give a try to NOD32, as I won a license from Eset.


Well its been voted best AV by AV Comparatives 2 years in a row. I would suggest you try it and I can walk the settings through with you.

I already tested the previous version of NOD32 on a virtual system. It seemed to consume very few resources (the virtual system was set to 900MB of ram memory), but one thing that I did notice is that it deactivates other antispyware active protection. Not that is a bad thing, for only 1 antispyware with active protection is enough, but I guess it could ask the user about it. It also flagged Spybot S&D TeaTimer feature as being malware (FP). Nothing that we can’t work around by adding to exclusion list.

I am giving a last try to the antivirus I installed on this system and see if it updates again. It seems it was lacking privileges. I guess it lost them during a nap (:LGH). If it updates I’ll let it be and wait for CAV3 as I still got 41 days left for the subscription to end. If it does not update, then I’ll go for NOD32 (if my relative wishes so).

Hey since this is a Nod32ish thread… does Nod32 have a webshield like Avast? and if so does it slow down your connection speed at all? I realized I lose 200-600 KB with Avast webshield on.

Hey Goose, I’m pretty sure it does have one. I’ve heard reports of it slowing down connections but I think that was back in the 2.xx days and during the early 3.xx betas. They should have got it straightened out by now.

Of course it has a web shield and absolutely no slow downs at all. As in matter of fact it has an active filtering method for more effective filter of your browser. I tried Avira PE,Avast and KAV. They all slow web browsing with there web shields but honestly NOD32 does not. Was also voted best overall av by AV Comparatives 2 years in a row ( 06,07).

Thanks Psych1610 and Vettetech I think i’ll go give Nod a try in tonight or tomorrow. Thanks again :-TU

Good to know that they don’t anymore. I stopped using Nod when the betas for 3.xx started coming out. Maybe I can reconsider them now.

Here is what happens when you go to the eicar test site with “active filtering” on. Without it still blocks the downloads but no big red screen like you see. Makes me know I am well protected cause it has popped up on certain warez sites also. There is also no bs packaged with it like some av’s. Its a bare bones av. No HIPS. No System Security check up. Just a hardcore av. It doesn’t even nag you about doing a scan. Honestly I am not hyping NOD32 or being a fan boy either. But web pages for me load just as fast as if I wasn’t running no av.

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Here are some sceenies I just took.

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I honestly have to say that… Nod32 is great from what I’ve seen/used it really is nice :-TU

I like Nod’s scanning speed. I tested Kav 6 sometime ago. And what I didn’t like was that the scanning was very slow and some things it detected couldn’t clean them or took a while. You expect an av to delete what it does detect afterall. I don’t know how the new Kav performs though.

See here jeims and list of KAV 09 downfalls.

One little question/Issue. I went onto frostwire and purposely downloaded a trojan (always the files that are 93.7 KB 88) ) and I know with Avast it detects them right AFTER the file is downlaoded but with Nod32 I must try and execute it first before it detects it. I was just wondering why Nod32 does not detect it right after downloaded like Avast? Nod32 has the same protection as Avast has example: webshield and file system protection. Still loving the feel of Nod32 though :-TU

Maybe cos NOD only scans the ports used by the browser while avast has its dedicated P2P scanning facility.
Just a guess though.