ESET NOD32 Antivirus v4 Beta


ESET is pleased to announce the availability of a new product generation for testing. A public beta of ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 is currently downloadable from this download page. Even though installation over older versions is supported, we recommend that you uninstall your current version prior to installing the beta. Since it’s still a beta version, we do not recommend installing it on production systems.

The new version 4 features more than 50 improvements compared to the current version. The main changes are described below:

  • integrated ESET SysInspector
  • support for laptops (tasks can be postponed when the machine is running on batterry, a notification appears if a larger update is going to be downloaded, etc.)
  • added a non-graphic interface (suitable for screen readers used by visually impaired persons)
  • improved scanning of removable media (used maximum settings when running files from removable media, allows blocking/allowing USB ports)
  • improved cleaning
  • improved self-defense
  • added statistic graphs and information about the currently scanned object
  • added an option to use advanced heuristics on file execution
  • added an option to control the level of archive scanning or maximum scan time of objects
  • added option to supress notifications when applications are run in fullscreen mode
  • scanning of encrypted HTTPs/POP3s protocols
  • website management allowing to block/allow access to user-defined sites
  • new Document protection module for scanning MS Office files
  • added an option to connect to 2 ERA servers
  • customizable context menu
  • UAC support
  • password protected uninstallation
  • notification about missing operating system updates
  • management of hidden dialog windows
  • Thunderbird plugin
  • Antispam now uses a user and global address books
  • potentially unwanted/unsafe applications are now reported in a yellow alert window which requires a user interaction

We will welcome any feedback from you. If you come across any issue, please report it to betasupport[at] You can also create a new thread here where we can discuss it futher.

Version 4 Already! :o


Will it solve the issues with the 100% CPU usage and malware detection, though? Will see…

You got a point, Based on Matt’s reviews on remove-malware as well. Improving Adware/Spyware detection.


Has anyone tried this beta? I am very curious of how much it has improved.

Nod a bit. Well actually I’ve never tried Nod.

just downloaded the newest version. So far i like it, it seems to run realy light on memory resources. Boots are fast, and the whole pc just feels fast. Here are some screens from the interface, it’s just a liltle bit different then 3.8

Simple interface:

advanced interface:

And a alert from the firewall, yea i know there firewall ain’t the best…

can’t say anything about detection rates because i don’t have any samples. It catched all the infected files from limewire though. Also i tried a couple of sites with roque programs like antispyware2008, when downloads are finished they automaticly get’s removed and quarentied, he found them all ;D

I am again with Eset!!! This beta version is really stable and no more 100% CPU usage. On both systems where I have it! Great!

As far as detection goes, Matt made a review of it.

I still haven’t seen it. I’m going to do it now.

i just saw it too, nice prevention test. found 5 out of the 5, just like with my test :smiley:

Happy trails to Webbie146 and Darkbutterfly, bye…
I want, I want, I want…I want what? ???
Good luck…

Actually, I don’t give much importance to trails. Just because a move trail is great, the movie it self may not be. :slight_smile: By the time I wrote my post, and as I mentioned, I still hadn’t seen such reviews. I just saw about it somewhere and I decided to give the info.

The reason I say I’m with Eset again, is that, in this version, there is no 100% CPU usage. Well, at least for me there isn’t. So, since I still have a near 1 year legit license, then why not make use of it again? :slight_smile: Makes sense. Besides, Eset NOD32 is not a bad AV. The only problem, and again, for me, was the CPU usage. No more, as far as I am concerned and I hope it stays that way.

Best regards.

nah i just gave it a go, and it was nice. But i will stay with NIS 2009 ;D

And I will stay with Avast! and CFP.

I only test another programs when i have problems with my current program. I don’t need test ESET or Norton.
and, of course i don’t test beta versions of programs because i don’t do the job of sharewares for free. I only test betas of freewares.
I’m a very happy CIS user :smiley: ;D

Actually, the purpose of testing, is to help improve a product you use. I don’t believe, and don’t want to, that you tested CIS just because it is free, right?

And as far as I am concerned, I only test this new version to see if any problems related with 100% usage will happen in 2 of my systems and use the near 1 year license I still have. So, if I want (and makes sense) to use my license, then why not help improve the product I am using? The help goes to both sides - security vendor and the user. That’s the purpose of beta testing software - free or paid.

Best regards

Sorry a lot, but i test only freewares because i don’t need pay for use the product, you can believe or not. It isn’t my problem. Well, i test an uninstaller is shareware because i translated to my language and every new version i have got a license for free. Time is money. If i studied and i am high school teacher is because i earn money. I’m not the red cross.
And be calm, i don’t place in doubt your posts.

You are free to doing it, and of course, makes sense. But if you think the help goes to both sides… sorry, i don’t think so, but IMHO. If i pay, i want a bug free product because i am paying for. You pay, you test, and then, they earn money. Not my cup of tea, but you are free.

The same for you :wink:

And, i repeat, is my opinion.
Be quiet.
And i’m sorry, my english is very very bad.

And you’re entitled to have your opinion!! No one can deny you that!!! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I ditched Eset for good. Why? Well, when I mentioned that there was no more high CPU usage, and when I say high, I mean, 100% CPU usage, I just didn’t pick Advanced Heuristics and Advanced Heuristics on file execution. The features that boost an AV nowadays!!!

All Eset did was to give users an alert when they pick Advanced Heuristics on file execution, saying it could decrease system performance. Nothing against that. But, this is a problem that has appeared since first 3.0 version and not happening to everyone, so I guess that something makes ekrn.exe (Eset av process) go mad like that.

Why doesn’t Eset create some sort of a erkn.exe process controller and if it sees ekrn.exe using more CPU than it should under normal execution, then lower it’s use. But this is just me saying. I don’t know if it would be doable or not.

Right now, I’m using CIS in it’s full power!

Best regards

Hmm. Same here tick realtime Advanced Heuristics and web pages open slower. More annoying scan anything in my documents (downloads) then pc hangs.
NOD32 the best antivirus!!!

Any arguments to back up your statment ? 88)

Perhaps it was sarcasm?