ESET NOD32 and Comodo Firewall

NOD32 3 includes a web filter component which redirects all HTTP connections through the NOD32 service. All HTTP connections appear to come from the NOD32 service to CFP so once you allow the NOD32 service to access the Internet any program that attempts HTTP connections will have access without CFP raising an alert. On high alert level you do get an alert when different ports are used.

Basically the web filter hides other programs HTTP connection attemps from CFP.

I sure this behavior affects any firewall program.

NOD32 is a well respected virus program but I did not like this behavior at all it has now been removed from my system.

Post number 11 may answer your concerns.

I have been using Nod v3 and recently started using Comodo v3. The GRC leak test fails with Nod v3 because it tunnels through ekrn.exe and Comodo allows it. I have reverted back to Nod v2 and the leak test passes.

Hopefully, the people at Comodo can find a way to detect the proxy because a lot of AV’s are using it now.

Thanks for that link. It’s nice to see my concerns are shared by many others. It does not answer my concerns but it does confirm my misgivings. I would not run any software that puts a hole in my firewall specially a security program.