ESET Firewall

ESET will release a firewall in an integrated solution, Smart Security. But the competition is very rough! :wink:


Will be interesting to see and try their software…

Harry (:NRD)

Sounds interesting, tho I think they won’t beat Comodo :wink:


Agree! Also, I don’t think ESET will be “free for life”, like Comodo… :slight_smile:


While it will not even be close to comodo firewall. It may be better then alot of other firewalls including zone alarm and windoz firewall (then again anything is better then windows firewall)

30 day trial version will probably the best we will get from Eset… (:WIN)


zone alarm? its the best firewall you can get! (comodo passes leak tests better but if you enable ZA’s component control no leaktest can win)

Oh yeah, that’s why they win all tests… ^^ :-\

LOL! Yeah, I think many have left ZoneAlarm for Comodo.


thats because they use the standard settings when they do their leak tests. Besides outbound protection isnt that big of a deal. Zone Alarm blocks everything (inbound) so thats all that matters.

Any feedback yet on the ESET Firewall from anyone?

Harry (:NRD)

i have no clue. i know that nod32 is a superb antivirus, and if your behind a router that has a firewall im sure the eset firewall should be more then enough.

I can’t agree on this one. Only with leak-safe outbound protection you’ll know if your AV (or your personal judgement) has missed something, that tries to hijack your browser. Saying that inbound protection is all that matters, would be the same as “Windows’ firewall is all you need”. Then there would hardly be any need of Comodo Firewall, or ZoneAlarm either.


True true. Zone Alarm only failed a few leaktests which is more then enough for me. I am not worried about viruses ect because i surf smart and dont use IE :wink:

Firewall detection of outbound traffic is important.

To plug the pesky little add-ons & plug-ins that developers bundle with their products!

Not to mention software, viruses, trojans & worms that try to ‘call home’.

If you have a capable antivirus and passable surfing habbits outbound protection becomes a resource hog.

I would rather say that capable antivirus is resource hog, not capable outbound protection…
BTW, ESET FW is not really a personal FW, it is simple packet filter with very questionable application recognition filter (read: very leaky)

I see your point, I have both naturally but ive never really seen outbound as such a special thing – good to have, but for most people who play it safe its not needed.

I always value outbound protection most. I try to surf safe most of the time, without safe-surf applications or add-on that eat my already insuficient memory. Despite this, we all made an “unsafe” click at least once a few months, and a few of those clicks can be “infected”. So, blocking weird or unknown outgoing connections will indeed hog my resources, but only when there is a suspicious program on my computer. So, if my computer moves too slow, i can easily search and find the pesky malware that tries to “call home” and bounces against the firewall.
Yeah, prevention is a good thing, but not perfect.

Well ESET’s isn’t putting much effort into outbound protection, the reason is because they believe that;

The firewalls job is to keep the badies out, If the AV does it’s job, you have no need for a outbound FW