Esc-key won't exit "Defense+ Events" box (v, X32, Win XP) [CLOSED]

All boxes in CFP 3 seems to be possible to close not only with Cancel/Close/[Cross], but also with the Esc key. This does not apply to the “Defense+ Events” under the DEFENSE+ tab. Really, really minor GUI bug, but I like to close windows/boxes with the Esc key.

Screen shot attached but I think you know what I mean.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Good fine (:TNG), but you forgot the

  1. Files Submissions screen
  2. Log Viewer once you click the More button (either from the Firewall or Defense+ Log Events first screen) screen.
  3. Stealth Ports Wizard screen (actually, this one doesn’t have a cancel button at all. Why not ???)

1 & 2, I didn’t really consider them as boxes, since they are apps you can minimize. So I didn’t expect Esc to work. But nevertheless, yes, Esc won’t work.
#3, I didn’t know, thanks. :slight_smile:

Right. 1 & 2 are indeed separate executables in the Comodo Firewall directory, and your bug report is now fixed in (or perhaps a much earlier version, but apparently we all forgot about this :P), but I’m curious on my #3 without a Cancel button. I’ll let you do the honours and close it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Done. :-TU