Errors in the browser defender

I have a problem with the browser protection feature.
Always, Comodo warns me that cmd, exe, is trying to change the settings of the Mozilla Firefox browser.
This occurs when Mozilla Firefox completes its work in the Sandboxie program. And Sandboxie removes the sandbox contents. No need to confuse Comodo container and Sandboxie program

I have to say that the problems started not immediately, and when Mozilla Firefox was updated to the Firefox version of Quantum. Previously, there were no Firefox or Comodo conflicts

The strange thing is that when this conflict started, Comodo now reports that cmd, EXE, is trying to change the settings of the Mozilla Firefox browser. This is Mozilla Firefox not running in Sandboxie. Now the end of any program that is running, no matter what program, in Sandboxie-automatically causes the Mozilla Firefox Comodo error message

I want to add.
Diagnostics of Comodo-reported that all systems are working properly
I didn’t install multiple antivirus in Windows
I’ve reinstalled Sandboxie and Mozilla Firefox: The problem has not disappeared.
Comodo version installed. Windows 7/32

Thanks for helping

You should enable the embedded code detection of cmd.exe in Do heuristic command-line analysis for certain applications settings to see why it is happening. Then when you get an alert from HIPS by the tempscript or if it gets auto-contained, you can browse to the C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\tempscrpt directory and view the .bat file contents.