errors and intrusions: i will pay in haiku

hello – I do not have the expertise many of you here have – but your skills and thoughts would be most helpful:

I am not sure if it is a combination of paranoia or poor luck on the part of an older laptop; but i think there are intrusions happening for me, thus why i have come to this website.

initially some of my blogs had repeat inappropriate traffic and then intrusions, actual hacks. i would be seen to be online when infact i was sleeping. i noticed then my computer acting odd --would have passwords changed, websites unable to gain entry, - I do not have a router - only a modem, and an external storage would turn on in the middle of the night many nights in a row for no reason.

i updated my virus softwear, ad-aware, AVG and got bo-clean. found 3 trojans. many virii, still everything happening. i was using bittorrent after utorrent crashed stealing all my torrents. i learned how to scan in safemode and found another trojan, d/l comodo firewall. but still my system acts unbearably badly:

running firefox even one 1-2 tabs - when i could run it at 11-12 will go up to 184K and be like a snail 30 CPU, i cant figure out why firefox is broken, i dont have extras on it - filterset G for ads, stumbleupon - not much more. i have a bunch of bookmarks tabs across the top.

windows media player 11 is corrupted, its takes 100% of CPU and will turns everything else dead and nothing will respond. i have tried to un-instal, re-instal. i hate winamp. i have to use it. its a stupid invention. they havent changed it in 800 years.

– other programs will fail for no reasons, word 2003 (real copy) photoshop, acrobat, nero show time, div-x converter, fail for no reason. etc etc…

probably the only program that doesnt fail for me is the VLC media player.

i know its old — but this was a semi - decent laptop - so i am suspicious that something has changed.

i woke up this morning to this error: warning: another user is logged onto your computer, are you sure you want to terminate this application. doing so may lose … blah blah." cant recal the rest of the message it was 6 am. when i go stand by and unplug my DSL cable, sometimes the internet doesnt inject itself back into the whatever, so i have to cold re-set the machine. i usually get a lot of errors when i run scan disk. today i got “we hate skype, bitorrent” i got rid of skype and bittorrent. yesterday. i will reinstall skype tonight WITHOUT they messy extras.

bittorrent has this pos file called btdna.exe link here it took me a long time to get rid of this, and i doubt i am smarter than that company. i have more intrusions from bittorrent and “DNA” than anything else. i am sure its malware.i think that was why my system was revving up so high and not going anywhere, but sometimes my d/l’s where at 4-7% and 200% for no particular reason on the same item. i seeded everything and my ratio ranges 0.7 to 2.9 so that shouldnt affect.

initially i came here for this post: about a new private network - which i believe i have solved thanks to the gracious and kind support of members here. a concern still remains whether i am properly set up but i do not know how to set up my own rules, global or otherwise. i am really worried about stalkers, safety and those things on the real. if someone on the real can help me – im not asking for curiosity — can you forward this to some mods if you read this and think someone with some patient skill can help me out – im worried.

i am struggling with utorrent (again – i dont know how to input those rules, though ive read that thread about utorrent twice – id love to use it again without exposing my knickers)

it would be great if someone could take a look at any of these problems and let me know if i am being paranoid or if i have an actual security issue or a dying laptop - or any mods want me to give any other screen shots.

cheers for reading this rather long post. i will answer anything by PM or here. i can pay you in haiku:

clicking keys: they break
the solitary of we,
cool community.


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If you think your computer might still be infected please read this Topic

Hi Dennis, I read that thread several days ago and was set to do this – but then noticed how frighting all of that seemed. Are you sure that is the way to go?

It’s not that frightning. :slight_smile: From your PC descriptions, I would highly recommend it. You can always ask for help here.

something awful just awful happened…

i tried to do the utorrent tutorials and i bombed so badly that i lost my internet connection completely. - i had to call my ISP who told me to disable comodo and figure out what ive done.

i really messed up… utorrent doesnt work at all. but at least disabling comodo allows me to go online so i can figure out what to do. i will post all of that in a firewall post later i suppose.

bittorrent wont leave - it refuses to stay blocked, as does that btdna.exe file.

i think this is a firewall, computer and utorrent issue, but i guess to take them one at a time – i would take

  1. computer
  2. firewall
  3. utorrent -

but the firewall isnt set up correctly so if i can screw up setting up a firewall and rules for utorrent im rather concerned what i can accomplish concerning system restore. i will think about it… is there a slightly easier tutorial ? this seems rather frightening to me.

cheers for the replies =


i have to move something about this over to firewall help as i cannot figure out what i did. i cannot use the firewall anymore

If you post in the same board as the tutorial somebody who is experience in virus etc. will help you.
Sorry I have never had virus problems so cannot help.

Thank you Dennis – there is no “reply” button in the utorrent thread. i decided to post in the firewall section. i hope that works out! thank you for helping me!!

A locked door
guard your home
and only you hold the key.

An external storage
wakes you up nightime
alive like a newborn

a difficult choice
to gain peace of mind

Hallo laoghaire,
you described some alarming scenarios and I guess it could prove useful to make some troubleshooting to create a list of priorities.

To confirm that the cause of some failing application is not a misconfiguration please disable defense+.
Another step is to run a scandisk to confirm your laptop disk is not failing.
Adenix S.M.A.R.T. Explorer will provide additional info on your laptop HD status (performance and health)
A third step would be to download windows XP SP3 and save it on the external storage or on a cd.