Error "Your computer might be at risk. Comodo Firewall Pro is turned off"

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When I login to Windows I receive a balloon message on the system notification tray which reads “Your computer might be at risk. Comodo Firewall Pro is turned off. Click this balloon to fix this problem”.

This problem has only started happening recently since re-installing Windows - it didn’t happen on my previous build.

Is there anyway to resolve this problem ?

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• One or more CFP drivers like cmdmon.sys is conflicting with others or it wasn’t loaded at all
• During CFP install, other software were running that conflicted; try to install it in Safe Mode
• Right-click on the systray to see if you set the Security Level back to Custom mode
• Start > Run > type services.msc > Ensure Comodo Application Agent is in auto mode and on
• Start > Run > type devmgmt.msc > View menu > enable Show hidden devices option > Ensure both Comodo engines are enabled (i.e. no red x or yellow ! next to them) or open their properties to check for problems
• Your Windows version is not supported

It may also be due to the fact that Windows Security Center monitors the GUI end of the application, which is the last to load. Theoretically, WSC would not alert you if the GUI (CPF.exe) was active but the actual firewall process (cmdagent.exe) somehow failed to load; it only watches the GUI.

You should have two active processes when the FW is running: cmdagent.exe, and cpf.exe (or cfp.exe, depending on exact version). Combine that with the drivers information Soya gave, and you can tell whether or not the FW is running as it should.

Just FYI, WSC has a habit of not working exactly as it should…


? You mean 3 alpha has fixed the process name?


Seeing is believing…

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I sent Egemen a PM on that one several months ago. See? They do “listen” to user requests

. Ok. We can stop hijacking Steve’s thread now :-[.

Stevenoon and I may have the same problem. I get that message when I start up Windows, but it goes away once Comodo Firewall has finished initializing. The issue is one of timing, not one of whether the firewall is ever detected or not.

  1. Is it possible to make Comodo completely load prior to the WSC check for a firewall?

  2. Is it possible to delay the WSC check so that Comodo has more time to fully load?

The appearance of the message, “Your computer might be at risk. Comodo Firewall Pro is turned off”, is timing dependent and also dependent upon what all loads at startup.

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Patrick B.

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  1. Nothing is impossible ;D, but I’m not a programmer so that’s up to the CFP devs
  2. “” “” “” “”. There lots of ways. One would be to create a (shortcut to a) script to launch the WSC service after x seconds. For example, using ping -n 4>NUL {4 seconds} and then net start wscui.cpl to start WSC. The problem with this is that it assumes the service hasn’t started already…That’s why I’m not a programmer :frowning:

From what I understand, Boot/Load Order, and Desktop/Load Order are basically a free-for-all. Every process/application makes a grab for CPU time; whoever gets there first gets it. I used to think it was assigned or organized, but that notion has been disabused by knowledgeable programmer-types (chief amongst those, the lead developer of CBO). You may use applications that take control of Load Order, but apparently that frequently does more “harm” than good; it’s not designed to work that way, so by forcing it, you can create other issues.