Error with on access scanner

Cant get the “On Access Scanner” to work… I get error “STEB017” when trying to inable it :cry:

Pl provide some more details. Does it fails only if you enable/disable from status page? When you reboot your system, does on-access always fails and if so what error it gives.

I am getting exact same error code too. I just installed the Antivirus tonight. I used to have Grisoft AVG Personal. BUt got curious about Comodo Antivirus and viped the ABG off my PC first. Installation went through fine. Upon license activation, I saw this red sign next to On Access Scanner. As soon as I press “Enable” I get the same STEB017 error - Unable to perform the operation.

It seems that the on-access component is not installed properly. You can try by reinstalling it.

By gum, well I get the same error too, well aint that honki dori, ???

I will try to reinstall the software tonight, however my gut feeling tells me there is some compatibility issue.

I have reinstalled it and still same error… :frowning: And nomather what of the 3 items I try to enable/disable I get same error

Hmmmm… have uninstalled your firewall today, and now I dont get this error. The antivirus is working… :o

Hmmm I did install the firewall before antivirus, will install the firewall tomorrow and see if the antivirus stop working again… ???

Has anyone found a solution to this problem, I too am unable to enable the on access scanner (error “STEB017”). I have installed the Comodo firewall and antivirus separately and in different orders, no matter how and what I install first the on access scanner fails to start.

XP pro, SP2

This probably isn’t it, but can you go to run>>msconfig>>click the services tab>>check there is a tick in the box next to Comodo Antivirus and Antispyware service.