error with CFP diagnostic utility

this is what happened after I clicked on the CFP diagnostic utility, the screenshots speak for themselves, and I reinstalled CFP 1 hour ago.

Windows XP Sp2 + Avast AV + CFP 3.0

[attachment deleted by admin]

From what account diagnostic utility was launched: admin or user?
I had same error under user account, but just after switched to admin account and ran diagnostic utility without errors (WinXP X32, SP2).

admin user. But something funny happened: I had System Safety Monitor installed a few days ago, just for a few minutes with Def+ disabled, and then uninstalled SSM. A bit later for some reason (not related to SSM) I had to reinstall CFP, and got prompted during the install that SSM was conflicting, and I would be better off if I removed it. Funny as it was already removed, so I thought just some entires from SSM were probably left in the registry. And then I go this error message with CFP diag refusing to repair (and repair what???). Don’t know why just after that I thought it be better to delete the SSM registries entries, and guess what, then the CFP diagnostic run normally again and told me there was nothing wrong with my installation of CFP :SMLR