error with adobe professional 7

I have been using Comodo for a couple of days now (version 3.13.126709.581 under windows XP). Everything works fine but adobe. Since I installed Comodo I cannot use my adobe professional 7 anymore. When starting adobe I immediately get an error message saying

„An error has beend detected and the application cannot continue. Please reinstall the appication“.

All I can do is choosing OK and adobe shuts down. I reinstalled but the error remained. When using the adobe reader 9 I have no problems. So far, I didn’t find something on this neither in the Comodo knowledge base/ forum nor in the adobe knowledge base. Did somebody experience this before? Are there already any solutions? I would be realy greatful for any hint.

Can you take a look under View Defense + Alerts (Defense + → Common Tasks) and see if it reports blocking bluetooth related executables? Can you also post a screenshot of it?

Thank’s for your effort and for shifting the tread to the right place.

That’s what Comodo shows under Defense + Alerts after opening adobe 7. I didn’t find any obvious relation to bluetooth. I attached the screenshot. Does this help?

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Adobe needs to install a Global Hook and that gets blocked.

May be you blocked it and told CIS to remember your answer. To see go to Defense + → Advanced -->Computer Security Policy → now look up the Adobe rule → Edit → Access Rights → push the button behind Windows/Winevent hooks → now look under the Blocked Hooks tab → delete the dll’s you blocked .

You can now allow the add the MSCTF.dll to the Allowed hooks → now Ok and Apply your way back to the main screen.

There is also a block for an Adobe program that is in \gemeinsame dateien\Adobe Systems Shared\ to change a protected registry key. Follow the procedure I gave in the above and make sure that registry key is no longer blocked and allow the Adobe program to change that registry key.

Thank you very much for giving me some private lessons. That was very helpful! Took me some time but I guess I understood the principle, now.

I did what you suggested (nothing was blocked for adobe but I had to explicitly unblock the dll and the registry keys). Furthermore, I need to remove HKLM\System\ControlSet???\Services* from Defense+ → Common tasks → protected registry keys. This probably means that now also other programmes can change these keys (after asking, I hope). However, Adobe works again.

Cheers, Peppone

Please don’t remove HKLM\System\ControlSet???\Services* from Defense+ → Common tasks → protected registry keys . That would remove the protection for that important key like you stated.

However you blocked an Adobe executable from changing that particular key. Look up that Adobe executable under Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security → select it → Edit → push the modify button behind Protected Registry Keys → now remove the key from Blocked registry keys → now OK and Apply your way back.

I see. I didn’t realise that this was a seperate programme and wondered why it still wasn’t able to change the key. Now I ublocked the keys for all programmes, blocked the keys again by default and it works perfectly.

Thank’s for your patience, EricJH.