Error while uninstalling comodo time machine

I’ve received a PM asking for help.
Sometimes people mix users and developers (maybe also due to my username).
I’m not prepared to technically answer his question.
Can you help me helping here?

hi tech i have a problem with uninstalling comodo time machine. it always hang when it is updating data. i tried to reinstall windows vista but it still comes up everytime i start my computer. i also get an error report that comodo time machine "Failed to verify Table(16) 1DEB-65, begin 1D, number 381AB DiskNum 0. CLick cancel to not show this message next time." i hope you got some advice thanks a lot

It is a known bug in previous versions, please try 2.8.155286.178.
Please feel free to contact us if you have still have this questions.

Best Regards.

Thanks Flykite.
Hope the user come here and follow this.

I too just recently got this exact problem. I was trying to uninstall comodo time machine.
What can I do now? How do I bypass this.

Please post a request for the clean up tool in You must restart your PC to finish installation…. That tool may be able to help you.