error when sending automated Comodo crash report

I am reporting this as a separate error. When Comodo crashed, a crash report screen came up. I typed something in the box to say what I was doing when it crashed and clicked send, or whatever button was there. It then said I had no email client registered, to please register an email client, and did not send the report. Subsequently, I clicked start, programs, Comodo, firewall, and restarted the firewall. A dialog appeared saying the previous crash report had not been sent and asked me if I wanted to send. I said no, cancel, or whatever. Then I had to do this eight times because the dialog kept reappearing. I thought I was going to have to reboot the machine, but by chance the dialog quit appearing.

You have two problems here. First, you should not be using email to do a crash report. You do not know the environment your program is running in. What you have done is a common shortcut used for error reporting, but such only works if you totally manage the environment. The only thing you can do is a direct IP/port connection. That is the only thing you can rely on. This means you must make a server-side process available somewhere to facilitate the communication, and you cannot do it all on the client side. HTTP won’t work because you cannot use a browser. The second problem is whatever logic you coded to make that dialog keep popping up.

I too do not understand this e-mail method of Crash report and keep sending and being told the same thing as the previous poster. 1) Why does it e-mail. 2)Why can’t it e-mail. 3)WHY DOES FIREWALL NOT RESTART OR TELL YOU YOU NEED TO RESTART IT

The e-Mail method is brain dead. The reporting tool cannot even figure out what the default e-mail client is. I use Thunderbird, but the tool thinks I should be using my browser’s e-Mail client which I do not have configured. Then end result is that I’m asked to create an e-Mail account. That’s a good way to keep the bug reports down. :slight_smile:


Since there is no official bugtracking backend,email could be the only way to contact the user if further informations are needed.
I don’t know if CFP use an installation Id (as I guess few users could not like it) but email also permit to bind a bug to a likely specific installation.
Also submission by mail is optional as it require user interaction so people who are concerned about privacy can omit to send their crashdumps.

Anyway V3 is an ongoing product so there would still be space for further improvements.

BTW please refer to the bugreport board stickied topics to read about bureporting guidelines.

Thanks for your understanding,