Error when running

I installed the 64-bit version of Comodo Antivirus and then ran sudo sh, but I get the error below. Does anyone know what this means? ??? 227: APP_LANG[0]=Arabic, Saudi Arabia: not found 228: APP_LANG[1]=Bulgarian, Bulgaria: not found 229: APP_LANG[2]=Chinese, People's Republic of China: not found 230: APP_LANG[3]=Chinese, Taiwan: not found 231: APP_LANG[4]=Croatian, Croatia: not found 232: APP_LANG[5]=Czech, Czech Republic: not found 233: APP_LANG[6]=Dutch, Netherlands: not found 234: APP_LANG[7]=English, United States: not found 235: APP_LANG[8]=Estonian, Estonia: not found 236: APP_LANG[9]=French, France: not found 237: APP_LANG[10]=German, Germany: not found 238: APP_LANG[11]=Greek, Greece: not found 239: APP_LANG[12]=Hungarian, Hungary: not found 240: APP_LANG[13]=Italian, Italy: not found 241: APP_LANG[14]=Polish, Poland: not found 242: APP_LANG[15]=Portuguese, Brazil: not found 244: APP_LANG[16]=Russian, Russia: not found 245: APP_LANG[17]=Serbian, Serbia and Montenegro: not found 246: APP_LANG[18]=Slovak, Slovakia: not found 247: APP_LANG[19]=Spanish, Spain: not found 248: APP_LANG[20]=Swedish, Sweden: not found 249: APP_LANG[21]=Turkish, Turkey: not found 250: APP_LANG[22]=Ukrainian, Ukraine: not found 255: Bad substitution

I am assuming it cannot locate the correct language files though why I don’t know.

Never mind I figured it out. I had to run the command

sudo ./