error when posting

hi all i get a error when posting says its been 90seconds since your last post with this ip and its been like 20 min usally whats is this. (:AGY)

It’s forum flood protection. They had some trouble with a bot posting a massive amount of horrible stuff into the forum & sending members lots of Personal Messages. I thought it was set 120 seconds. But, the message you received seems to indicate that its currently set at 60 seconds.

But, I was a bit confused by your…

and its been like 20 min usally whats is this.

… comment. Do you mean you had actually waited 20 minutes before trying to make another post?

I think what cruser921 means, is the same thing I have been asking Justin about , as a matter of fact about 20 minutes ago. I get the normal 90 seconds, but it’s actually about 10 to 15 minutes and I can only post in certain threads. I went to the wallpaper thread among many others and couldn’t post and it was quite a while. Clearing history, cookies, personal information, Ccleaner, etc…nothing works.



exactly its been a half hour now and i finaly got to post and now i will have to wate forever to post again.

Hi cruser, yeah I have been having the same trouble. As soon as some mods are around or the Alien Administrator, Melih the Martian is here, they are all excellent about answering your questions and very friendly, just give them a chance and they will get back to you on here. :wink:



thanks paul if this worked lol ::slight_smile:

Congrats, it made it!! :wink: Just a note, this only happens a couple of times a day to me and then it may work for a couple of days straight and then a couple of days of no posting again. Not sure if same with you but for me, this seem the pattern. It may be the administrative gods playing games again. If you hear thunder and see a flash of lightning, run! :wink:




Are you still getting this problem?


Ok, thanks. To keep things simple I will delete the other post and put your messages here as a quote. You can contact me thorugh PM also.

I will contact an administrator about this issue.


Strange. We do have flood protection on, but let us know the specific time frames of when we're getting these slowdowns the next time they happen via PM, pls. It may be we're making some sacrifices to the forum gods then, but I wouldn't expect the pyres to slow things down this much.

ascends back to the heavens in platinum-plated chariot

ok will do the next time it hapens

Cruser921: Tx. Nothing’s going on. We do have flood protection on for 90 seconds, as you can see, and your IP seems unique enough not to be a proxy. I’m unsure if it has anything to do with our boards, since it seems to be intermittent and we’re not doing anything in particular - although we’ll monitor the volume over the next few days and see if something’s up.

Oh, mighty Paulo, thank you for this! You will be recieving a sacrificial bunny by the name of Scomodo! ;D lolll.

If this does in fact happen again, which at times I can PM or sometimes not and depends on some threads. I will give you a brief rundown just for the sake of it in more detail.....

<<<Typically starts (when starts) after 4 to 5 replies. Says last post was less than 90 seconds ago even though it has been a few minutes. I try to reply to some threads, I get the error, sometimes I can reply to others though but not certain ones. Sometimes I can PM, sometimes I can’t (all while the error is happening). The odd thing is that I have gotten my reply to go through (very few times, perhaps twice) by changing something in the reply, usually text. I reword the sentence and it will post. If I wait, try to reply using same sentence, it won’t post. I have been getting this error for the last few weeks, perhaps month now , on and off but didn’t see anyone else with it so thought it was on my end until I checked all my settings etc…cleared cahe , history all of it, rebooted and still had it happen. (I always check my side first just to be sure). >>>>>

I will do my best to take down the time, thread, etc…and when (if) I can , will PM or reply here.

Thank you Pau–ummmm…Mighty one! (:AGL)



I just got the “The last posting from your IP was less than 90 seconds ago. Please try again later.” error.

and i dont think i have posted anything in this forum today so its impossible that i have writed 90 seconds ago.

Sometimes this does happen. It should go away if you logout and log back in again. Also, want to copy and paste anything you were writing when you re-login.