Error when looking up pending files

Everytime I look up a file in my “waiting for your review” folder it comes up with an “Error!” next to the result.

Have a look here fazio93 one of the suggestions may work for you.
Just 1 question,are you behind a router?


Link sorted.

yes, im behind a Verizon VIOs gateway router

the link doesn’t work

You are not alone!
Have the same issue.
For me, this only started after using the updater to update to v
Did not occur with
Noted that the lookup took an abnormally long time during which I did not see any traffic leaving my PC.
Based on this am guessing that there is a problem with Comodo’s servers or there is a problem with the update.


it was happening to me before the update as well

Problem is with Comodo’s servers.
Just performed a lookup and the files came back as unknown.


evening folks. have had same problems with last four versions. hope they get the problem squared away pretty quick. have a good week end everyone. frank.

I could be wrong but it seems to happen most after an MS update.

I haven’t installed a MS update for over a month , but for the first time I’m receiving this error with (via built-in CFP updater).

This executable was just a fake one I created by right-clicking my desktop to create a new text file and renamed it with .exe (0 bytes)

I tried consecutively twice and failed. I deleted that file, restored to the desktop, retried to submit and this time no error.

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Hi Soya, submmiting files has never been the main problem,they seem to go through in the end,but whats the point in submiting any if you cant access the whitelist.
I wonder if this only happens to people behind a NAT router?

Cheers Matty

Apologies. Corrections: I meant lookup, not submission. Also, I never had a router…

Is it bad if I just ignore the pending files (since I also get the error! message when I lookup the files)? Having them there doesn’t seem to affect the performance of my computer.