Error when Internet is switched off (off-line)

When the Internet is switched off (off-line), after start CPM there is an error and CPM is closed.
When the Internet is connected (on-line), the error isn’t present and CPM works normally.
What’s the problem?

Windows XP SP3 32bit
CIS 5.4
CPM 1.2 build 106

Only a ‘No internet connection available’ yellow message bar should appear at the CPM startup. Please post a screenshot with the error message.
Thank you.

Screenshots in Russian:

[attachment deleted by admin]

are you sure that this happened because there was no internet access? or did CPM just happen crash at the same time as when you had no internet. by coincidence

does CPM crash everytime you disconnect from the net?

The error appears only at program start.
If I start the program at the Internet connected (on-line), and then I will disconnect the Internet (off-line) the program will work normaly.

The error appears each time at program start at the Internet disconnected (off-line).

After installation of the program this error wasn’t. It has appeared after 3 weeks after installation.

I have found a cause of error - is a network connection.
My connection to the Internet is created through VPN. When the Internet is not active, the local network is active and CPM gives out an error.
But if I disconnect a local network that error isn’t present (even if Internet connection is not active) and CPM works normally.

But how to correct this problem?

P.S. If to block access CPM to a network with firewall error isn’t present too.