Error using Windows Update [resolved]

When I ran Windows update this morning I got a popup which I attached below. As you can see it references WINRAR. I have no idea how WINRAR gets it’s hands into Windows update. This is the second time WINRAR showed up in a popup message. The other time it was for something else equally unrelated to WINRAR as well. I reported this but I don’t recall getting any response (I haven’t looked lately).

I denied the request and I think I remembered it. I now get this error message when I try to do an update:

The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem.

Allowing All in CPF makes Update work again. What do I have to do to get things working again without Allowing All?

Turning off Application Monitoring also gets it working. For the life of me I can’t find a rule that is causing this to happen.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I got it working again. I did a ‘scan for known applications’ and rebooted. One, the other, or both did the trick.

I still would like to know why I got the popup that referenced WinRAR? As I said this is the second time I got this popup that referenced WinRAR even though I was not using that app at all.

Some applications, while trying to do DNS queries, use Windows DNS Service through its COM interface. This happens transparent to the application while using Windows DNS api.
Thats why you may be seeing that message.


Thanks for the reply. However I can’t understand why CPF displays a popup with an application that is not being used and has no Internet capability. I never get any popups when I run WinRAR itself.

I now recall that the first time this popup occurred, with WinRAR also, was when I clicked on one of my Favorites in IE6. I’ve only had this happen twice in about a week so far. It also happened that I did use WinRAR on the days I had the popup. At least an hour or two before the popup was displayed. WinRAR was not running at the time I got the popup.

Could you please explain to me what WinRAR is doing in order for CPF to report on it?

Winrar may not be running at the time you receive the popup alert. Because CPF alerts you if an internet connection takes place until which it may be closed.

DNS and BITS(Background intelligent transfer service) are 2 common services that are accessible by COM/OLE automation. I dont know what winrar is doing with svchost.exe. We are improving the contents of a COM/OLE automation popup, so that in the future versions, you can better understand what is going on.


So it’s still a ‘work in progress’ for these sort of things? :wink:

FWIW, I am now playing around with 2.3 beta and had when I went to the Windows Update site and initiated an update I got a message for GoogleEarth which I did run a few minutes before I went into Update. Also another program poped up too. I forgot to note that one.

Not really. As I said, lots of applications use COM to communicate with windows services. Google earth may have tried to use that service 5 mins ago. But better safe than sorry. This is necessary not to open new threats caused by race conditions between CPF and trojans. You can always select Automatically approve safe applications option to reduce the number of popups.