Error updating

when i try to update CD gives me a error similar like when a application crash, with send report to MS? Y/N. (the TXT file of the erros is attached)
i use win XP SP3 x86 and Comodo Internet Security. Tell me if more clarification needed.

thank you in advance

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Can you please state the current version of Dragon that you are running?

sure, using version, updating to

[i]Edit: maybe uninstall to make a clean instalations solve the problem but iโ€™m affraid of remove and donโ€™t be able to install it again
(sorry for my bad english :D)

Edit 2: Already unistalled and tried again to install: same error appear. Meanwhile, the version installs ok[/i]

Hi, seems like the same problem in this topic .

Could you please follow these instructions ?

Thank you,

here it is.
once more, thank you

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