Error Updating Antivirus signatures

I’ve a problem with antivirus update.

I’m running Comodo Internet Security Premium. I’ve noticed that antivirus signature was out of date (18811)

I’ve found this link
and I’ve downloaded the latest full database. I’ve installed this package and virus signature now is 18952

I’ve tried a manual update. All BASE_UPD_END_USER updating cav was downloaded, but, after finalizing, I still obtain update failed messages.
I’ve checked Diagnostic but Comodo report no problem found.

What can I check?

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Same here, as wrote in the other topic: I suspect it is a bug with this CIS version, because of the growing of the signatures or with the signatures file itself, since updating procedure is not revealed we don’t know what is going wrong, but for sure is not a connection problem…

Finally I’ve found a solution.

I’ve forced the check for update.
Some updates was found and, after reboot, the signature seems to be updated;
at least the update error alert is gone.

The only problem is: how can I check signature version with the new interface?

click the tasks button at the top right then there should be an update button under general tasks

What does it mean “forced to check for update” ?
Because here everyday the problem is the same: no online updates can be finalized! It is only possible to manually install a new bases.cav, which updates the main version, but doesn’t solve any further incremental online updating…
What kind of update have You done ?

And why “new interface” ? Have You updated entire CIS version ?

Hi RegForHelp,
See the links below for the current version.
COMODO Internet Security 7.0.317799.4142 Released!
CIS-Release Notes

Kind regards.

I don’t know the correct voice in English, I have italian version.
“Check for update” is a translation.

I have update entire CIS version. Only in this way, I could obtain virus database updates

This was my suspect… this confirms that there is a bug in the old version…

I know, but I don’t want a new version! I want only updating antivirus signature online as always! Of course this will be no longer possible, since I think that is clear there is a bug in the 5.x version occurring from this month… Would be fine at least a technical explanation for this, but there is no chance for anything, apart self-help…

Windows 8.1 pro, 7.0.317799.4142 version of CIS.
I try to re-install two times CIS :frowning:
No virus update, no “scanzione iniziale”. when I try the "check for update"I get the following message

Errore: 0x80072efd - Impossibile stabilire una connessione con il server

Please do not double post

Problem disappeared today for me, I wrote some info in the other similar topic.