Error - Updater module could not be found

Hi, Josh
Here is bonas.
So I have Windows XP SP2 Home + AVG Free v.7.5.524 + CFP v.
Yesterday there was updating of CFP. And after that periodically there is a pop-up “Installation Error: Updater module could not be located”.
When I try to do Diagnostics - the window “The procedure entry point_CreateFrameWork[ at ]0 could not be located in the dinamic link library framework.dll.” is shown.
System status is OK.

Sorry for the previous post. I am a newbie to this forum.

I am having the same issue as described by BONAS in the previous post. When I try to uninstall by the program or by Add/Remove Program, it is not working. I have tried to run a new install over the top, but it reports the previous installation, asks if I want to uninstall, but then just hangs up when I reply “yes”.

How can I manually uninstall the old version so I can do a clean re-install?

Thank you,

Everything you need is right here.

You need to follow the directions shown by Vettetech above and upgrade to the latest version.