error update signature data

Hi guys when i try to update signature database of the antivirus i get an error with the previous version i did not have any problem it is now when the last update . I have windows 8 ( it is not clean install it was an update from windows 7) I include a screenshot

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What happens when you run the diagnostics? Does it find any problems?

there are no errors in diagnostics

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Which database version do you have right now?

This can be found by clicking on the question mark icon and selecting About.


Strange, so it looks like it may have been working at one time.

When you run a quick scan is it able to successfully download the AV update?

yes, but the last database was 4 days ago and there is still error when i try to update. :frowning:

Did the error start to happen right after you upgraded from Win 7 to Win 8? Or did it work before and it changed after some time (days or weeks)?

When it worked before do you remember if you made a change to your system around the time the problem started to happen?

No, i upgraded my system one year ago, i started to have problems with comodo updates just after the last COMODO update. I updated my comodo 5 days ago, these are the days in which data base canno be updatetd

No, the only change to my system before this upgrade was to update comodo to the new version. Two weeks ago I installed youwave ( it is android emulator) but two weeks ago i had previous version of comodo working fine.