Error trying to submit a file to Comodo

I’m trying to submit a file to Comodo and receiving the following error message
“Error while save the file in specific format”

The file is “C:\Program Files\RegexRenamer\Interop.Shell32.dll”, from a program named Regex Renamer @

I can’t find information about the error message anywhere.

It may be that the file is somehow corrupted. Have you tried reinstalling that software and trying to resubmitt the file once you have a fresh version of the file?


I only installed the program yesterday, hehe. Also, I doubt it’s a HDD problem - there’s no other errors I’ve come accross (in our out of comodo firewall)

This happens alot SimM99. Try the file again. Sometimes its a server error. If you know what the file is don’t worry about submitting it. To delete the file from submissions go to Miscellaneous\Submit Suspicious Files and delete the contents of whats in there. You can also put D+ in train with safe mode so you don’t have to deal with pending files anymore.